May 2017

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Safe In HIS Hands

by John Schofield

May 17, 2017 This morning my wife’s sister sent pictures of her home where huge trees toppled in a severe thunderstorm last night.  Thankfully, it does not appear anyone was hurt directly from the storm, but property damage is extensive and clean-up will take weeks. Extreme weather causes many people to focus on climate change. […]

Who Are You Loving On?

by John Schofield

May 10, 2017 What gives life and living greatest meaning? Is it not having meaningful and loving relationships? To be loved and to have someone to love is what makes life worth the living. How many people are desperately alone and isolated because they have not been able to navigate the spiritual and emotional waters […]

Good News! Good News!

by John Schofield

May 2, 2017 In the course of any given day, a person can be bombarded with bad news. To listen to the radio or TV or get the latest from your hand-held device could mire you in a slew of despondency. This is why I love the gospel in a bad news world. Gospel simply […]