March 2015

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Lamb-like March?

by John Schofield

March is not being totally lamb-like. Sunday evening, Loretta, Josiah, and I were finally able to leave to go to my daughter Christa’s house in Luck, WI to see our newest grandbaby, Katiyanna. We drove right into the eye of a March snowstorm just north of Owatonna. Cars were going into the ditch left and […]

Illness & the Up-hill Climb of the Cross

by John Schofield

When I follow the Christ through the last week of His life, it was an uphill  climb for Him all the way to Calvary. He was so weak in the end he needed  help to carry the cross to the place of crucifixion. In the midst of this week,  He did some amazing things even […]

Weathering the Weather

by John Schofield

It is March and I get up this morning to 4 degree weather. What is wrong with this picture? Oh well, we can complain about the weather or we can weather the weather, or we can praise God He is in charge of the weather. To be thankful for all things can sometimes be a […]