I can do all things
There is nothing which can be more frustrating than losing one’s keys, except maybe looking all over the house for them and then finding them in your pocket! With keys, doors normally open, cars normally start, and the business of the day normally engaged in is not greatly impeded. Did you know on computer software there is a key to unlock it for installation? It is found on the case of the CD. Somehow the guys working on the computer software for our DVD ministry have now misplaced the key. They believe they have all the computer bugs worked out. Now for the system to work, all they need is the key, but without it they cannot make the system work. OUCH!!!

So question? How well do you do when you lose your keys? Right now I have decided the only thing I can do is pray. Maybe the whole point of this exercise is to bring me to the point where I simply say: “Lord, I cannot do it. Lord, it is your ministry. They are your words we are trying to share. Please, Lord, find the key and unlock the door.”

I used to have a Chevy Astro van and the window wiring harness got unplugged inside the door so the electric window would not go up or down. I am kind of a do-it-yourself kind of guy, so instead of taking it to the garage, I took the door panel off, found the plug and tried to plug it back in. I could barely get my hand near it and could touch the plug with the tips of two fingers. I spent about 45 minutes dealing with what seemed the impossible task of plugging the wires back in. I exhausted myself going through the full range of emotions and was not very happy. Finally, I removed my hand from the car door and lifted it up to the Lord and simply asked him for some help. “Lord, teach my fingers to fight and my hand to win this war over a silly, yet very necessary little plug.” It took me about fifteen seconds on the next try. It happened so quickly, I could hardly believe it was plugged in.

Starting the day, or a project, or even what can seem to be a simple insignificant task can become a fire-breathing dragon if we fail to acknowledge the Lord. How easy it is for us to take the day for granted. “Lord, grant us the wisdom to start the day with you.” Life in a fallen world can be difficult, but it need not be impossible. Should not the key to start each day be for us who claim to be Christians, the Lord Himself???

key in lock transparentHere is a great key which should be able to unlock every obstacle:

Philippians 4:13I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”

May God unlock your day to discover His goodness and your purpose as you seek His presence through today’s journey.


Looking to Him for a good day, and the keys,

Pastor John Schofield