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Sheltering in Him

by John Schofield

April 29, 2018 April “snowers” bring may flowers. We experienced an exceptional weather event this year. The longest January I can ever remember went right up through mid-April. In my 18-year history at Calvary, I have never had to cancel a service because of weather and this year we had to cancel services on two […]


by John Schofield

June 12, 2017 Several of the men of our church put together a men and boys’ fishing contest this past Saturday. We were using this as a fun local church fundraiser for Camp Haven Bible Camp in Ontario Canada, a ministry our church supports. The date had been picked weeks in advance. As the day […]

How’s The Weather?

by John Schofield

November 28, 2016 No snow! The grass is still green. The temperatures are moderate for this time of the year. I for one am enjoying the break from winter. I know it has not officially started yet, but this is unusual nice fall weather. The weather is something we all talk about, especially if you […]

Spring Prayer

by John Schofield

March 9th, 2016 I saw my first Robins yesterday. It got up to 66 degrees F. Spring is in the air. The only snow left is in shaded areas or piles from plowing. New life is around the corner and I am wearing a jacket instead of a winter coat. These are all wonderful transitions […]

Weathering the Weather

by John Schofield

It is March and I get up this morning to 4 degree weather. What is wrong with this picture? Oh well, we can complain about the weather or we can weather the weather, or we can praise God He is in charge of the weather. To be thankful for all things can sometimes be a […]