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Son-shine Thaws The Heart

by John Schofield

  March 12, 2018 Winter seems to want to hang on. Sometimes, trials and difficulties seem like a winter that will never end sapping our vitality and darkening our emotions like an octopus with sticky tentacles and suction cups wrapping around our souls. But when spring comes, the snow melts, the flowers bloom, the birds […]

Embrace the Day!

by John Schofield

May 25th, 2016 When you do not know what to do or what you should do, what do you do? How about putting your head in the sand and wish the problem away? Procrastination has a way of compounding the problem. Procrastination is like unresolved heartburn. You can hope it goes away, but until you […]

Lost and Found!

by John Schofield

May 3rd, 2016 Lost and found! Keys are malicious things. Oh what an aggravation can come from some innate machine-cut little pieces of metal. How dependent we are upon them to unlock our doors and start our cars. Mail may have to wait awhile if you can’t discover the secret hiding place of those GPS-defying, […]