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Faith Focus

by John Schofield

March 14th, 2017 We had a tremendous time as 45 of us trekked from MN to KY to go see the Ark Encounter. It was well worth the effort, but both before and after the trip there was a price to pay in time, energy and effort. Twenty-eight hours of driving in three days takes […]

Stewing? Consult the Cook.

by John Schofield

March 21, 2017 I pray this finds you having a good day. Whether or not you or I have a good day is dependent mostly upon how we start the day and look at it. In our weakness, it is very easy to be derailed for a whole day. It’s very easy for us to […]


by John Schofield

February 8th, 2016 Greetings to you, in the precious name of Jesus Christ, who holds us in His unfailing care. I, John, praise His name. Surely, we cannot see much further in the day than the tip of our nose. People awake not knowing what may befall them. My wife and I were driving into town after […]

Weathering the Weather

by John Schofield

It is March and I get up this morning to 4 degree weather. What is wrong with this picture? Oh well, we can complain about the weather or we can weather the weather, or we can praise God He is in charge of the weather. To be thankful for all things can sometimes be a […]